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  The Cohoes Savings Foundation was established by Cohoes Bancorp, Inc., Cohoes ,NY in conjunction with the Plan of Conversion adopted by the Board of Trustees of Cohoes Savings Bank. This charitable foundation was initially funded by a contribution from Cohoes Bancorp, Inc. of its share of stock in the approximate amount of $2.4 million. At present the Foundation has several financial advisors to assist Management in the furtherance the growth of its funds.

Cohoes Savings Foundation meets on a quarterly basis and consists of a Board of Directors who are members of the community. 
  For requests less than $1,000 a Letter of Request is acceptable with a copy of 501(c) 3 attached.

The request must state the purpose for which the grant will be used. After review of request and if it is determined that more information will be needed, an application will be required.
  Organizations interested in the Cohoes Savings Foundation must be 501 (C)(3) organizations.  

Cohoes Savings Foundation
P.O. Box 230
Cohoes, NY 12047
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